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Why Guess What Your Buyers Want...
When They'll Tell You!

Discover Your Buyers' Goals And Discover Exactly What To Create And When!

8 Compelling Reasons To Discover Your Buyers' Goals:

Here's a breakdown of what is possible...

  • Introduce a more customer-centric way of thinking across your company
  • Improve customer acquisition by understanding the pain-points blocking your buyers' goals
  • Expose gaps in your marketing, sales, and product knowledge that you didn’t know were there
  • Enhance products and services that improve customer success and retention
  • Give sales, marketing, and content teams the ability to focus on the key decision criteria and key influencers
  • Build your pipeline through more targeted and relevant messaging
  • Help your sales, marketing, and content teams understand your buyers' goals and buying processes
  • Gain industry wide authority on issues that attract influencers who become partners and subscribers who become buyers

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different than product research?

Product research focuses on usability and the improvement of a product’s values. This is very important and but buyer personas are about understanding the decision-making process and goals that go into a buyer making a decision to buy.

Why not use a focus group?

Focus groups are large group of cohorts who are interact and influence one another. Goal direct personas are one-on-one interviews that represent the decision making process of an individual who represents a group.

Why not just use a survey?

The reason is that a phone interview can be adjusted on the fly. In particular, there are three scenarios where calls are considerably more effective than Internet surveys: If there are points in the conversation where the respondent becomes confused. A conversation will allow you to offer additional explanation or prompt answers. If there are responses that you don’t fully understand. Calls will allow you to request clarification or elaboration. If there are responses that the interviewee would like to qualify or explain further.

Why use a goal driven personas approach?

Many personas creation processes focus on demographics and the roles that are at play within an organization, that often lack the emotional component that drives their trust, loyalty, and decisions to buy and/or remain a customer. Goal based personas however are primarily concerned with identifying and understanding the pain points that stand in the way of your buyer’s goals, by understanding the emotional drivers of the sales process. Goal based personas help you identify the pain points standing in the way of your buyer’s goals, so your sales, marketing, and content teams can systematically build trust and authority by removing the pain from top, middle, and bottom of the funnel. Buyers actually don’t want their problems solved, they want the pain standing in the way of their goals removed.

“Strategy is worthless without execution,
execution is worth less without strategy!”

Justin Zimmerman
Founder & CEO of BuyerGoals.com